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Description of Story

        "Sins of the Mind" is seventeen different stories that are all connected in one way or another.  This story takes place over the past thirty years and involves an old road in Maine that only a few have traveled.   Sins of the Mind explains how people justify their sins so much that that to some people they are not sins at all.

          None of these people can hide from the Stranger!  He is an immortal man who has escaped time and death. He visits sinners in their nightmares, dreams, and realities and makes them pay for the sins of their minds.  This man, who is only known as the Stranger, uses the sinners' minds as his weapon, making the sinners pay for their sins, with the very sin that they themselves have committed.

          Executed in the early 1500's for sins that were not his own, the Stranger vowed to return and inflict the pain and suffering that sinners have caused others, back onto the very sinner. Over the years, this Stranger has shown up at different times and locations around the world.

          For years, mankind has had only one defense against this evil man, the Snow family. They are a family that is without sin.  They have found a way to enter the Stranger's world and bring back the sinners to pay for their crimes here in our reality. They spare the sinners a death that would last forever within their minds.

          For years, this responsibility has been passed down from father to son. That is, until now. The first woman has finally taken the place, and she is stronger and faster than her fathers before her. Her name is Hannah Snow.

          Although she can't bring them all back, she still searches the nightmares of others looking for her father who is missing in the Stranger's nightmares of evil sinners.

          Conflicted between her destiny and what is right, she is still mortal and is forced to use the weapons of our world to defend herself against the Stranger's walking dead, the Woodbee Mummers.

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