About Ronnie Lees...


Ronnie Lees is well known for his dedication to extreme sports in the Northeast, USA. His name showed up on the armature scene in the early 1990's, from Ocean to Mountain sports, he is well know mostly for his skilled back country skiing, surfing, and mountain climbing.

In 2001 Ronnie Lees joined up with extreme windsurfer/surfer John Mclnerney to start a website Northeastsurfing.com, which now reaches millions of people a year. Northeastsurfing.com is the Northeast's number one web sites for ocean sport's information.

Ronnie has enjoyed writing as a hobby for over twenty years, starting at a young age. Though he has written many short stories, screen plays, and books, this is his first novel to be published.

He continues to live in New England, where he spends his free time, surfing, skiing, mountain climbing, road/mountain biking, and writing. He currently lives by the ocean, on the south shore of Massachusetts.

Ronnie has been the subject of newspapers, television station interviews, and various media press. With strong routes to the Boston film, writing, and acting scene, he is well known throughout the Northeast and beyond.

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